Unpolished Red Desi Tur Dal 500g
Unpolished Red Desi Tur Dal 500g

Unpolished Red Desi Tur Dal 500g

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Toor dal is a brilliant source of carbohydrates. This dal not only increases the taste of your meals but also provided all kinds of nutrients. Toor dal is the staple food of India and is consumed on a daily basis in almost all Indian households along with rice and roti. The dal is not only tasty but it also has numerous health benefits.

  • Contains a very good amount of fiber in them which help in preventing problem like constipation. Risk of chronic diseases is also reduced with the intake of toor dals.
  • For a balanced diet toor dal provide requisite proteins.
  • Very good source of carbohydrates due to which our body gets energy.
  • Apart from carbohydrates toor dals also contain proteins,fibers and fats which is essential for the body.Moreover bowel movements are regularised because of the complex dietary fibres present in toor dal.
  • Cholesterol free and high in dietary fiber.
  • Beneficial in curing cough, gastric troubles,stomach pain and poisoning effects.