Desi Kulith Dal (Horse Gram) 500g
Desi Kulith Dal (Horse Gram) 500g

Desi Kulith Dal (Horse Gram) 500g

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The Super Pulse of India

Kulith has multiple health benefits, some of them are -

  • Burning fat and preventing kidney stones, dark circles and stretch marks.
  • Dal is especially helpful when it comes to recovering from diseases like cold, flu and even migraines.
  • Dal is rich in iron, protein, calcium, iron, fibre, and phosphorus
  • Some claims also suggest that kidney stones, piles and ulcers can all be treated by eating kulith dal
  • It is very useful for people with digestive issues, gastric discomfort or gassiness
  • It has a good amount of fibre and high glycemic index, which makes it suitable for diabetics
  • Kulith has folic acid and phenolic acid. These are antioxidants which can be helpful in losing weight.
  • Polyphenols, proteins and flavonoids are some of the major antioxidants that are present in kulith dal. These antioxidants help in keeping our body young and vibrant
  • Unprocessed kulith dal can help in controlling blood sugar as it slows down digestion of carbs and reduces insulin resistance
  • Traditionally, kulith dal has been proved to be beneficial in dealing with conditions such as asthma, jaundice and water retention. The dal can be helpful for conjunctivitis as well.
  • Kulith can help in regulating cholesterol
  • The dal increases energy levels in the body and keeps the body warm