Cumin (Whole) 100g
Cumin (Whole) 100g

Cumin (Whole) 100g

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Originally from Iran and the Mediterranean, cumin is a small seed that comes for the Cuminum cyminum herb, a member of the parsley family. This seed has a distinct flavor and warm aroma. It is a major ingredient in chili powder as well as curry powder. 

An ever prevalent condiment in Indian households, it is an essential part in plenty of dishes. 

Some of the Powerful Health Benefits of Cumin
  • Promotes Digestion. The most common traditional use of cumin is for indigestion.
  • Is a Rich Source of Iron
  • Contains Beneficial Plant Compounds. ...
  • May Help With Diabetes, Improve Blood Cholesterol
  • Promote Weight Loss and Fat Reduction
  • Prevent Food-Borne Illnesses
  • Fights Inflammation