Indigenous Rice Gifting Basket
Indigenous Rice Gifting Basket
Indigenous Rice Gifting Basket
Indigenous Rice Gifting Basket

Indigenous Rice Gifting Basket

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Indigenous Rice Basket is the best Traditional Gifting pack. Consisting of Aromatic & Highly Medicinal Rice, which is packed in a baskets hand-made by Tribal Self Help Groups (SHG's) of Jharkhand. The baskets are bio-degradable & natural.

The pack consists of 4 indigenous rice varieties of about 350 - 400 gms of each:-

  1. Ambemohar Brown Rice - Grown in the foothills of Sahyadri, is a very aromatic, unpolished & one of the oldest rice in Maharashtra. Good for instant energy, slow release of carbohydrates and provides energy throughout the day. Can also be used to prepare thick soup of rice, mainly for children, elderly people and patients. The rice is also used in religious and wedding ceremonies & is used for making soft Idli, crispy dosa, puffed rice, etc
  2. Ajara Ghansal White Aromatic & Medicinal rice, grown in Ajara region of Kolhapur district in Maharashtra. It is a small grained rice and is known for its nutrition, taste and has aroma of a typical kind. Good for gut and as baby food. Has high Iron content & GI tag. Grown on mostly black soil.
  3. Konkan Red - Available in Semi polished, Unpolished & soupy Red Rice. Mildly Aromatic & Medicinal. Rich in iron, vitamin B6, which helps balance the formation of serotonin and red blood cells. Good for diabetics, slow release of carbohydrates. Soak it overnight to cook. Also called as weakness recovery rice
  4. Chak - Hao - Black Rice. Highly Medicinal & has emerged as a superfood in recent times due to its high nutritional value. Gut-friendly, a natural cleanser, rich in antioxidants and dietary fibre. Has higher protein content as compared to white rice. Good source of iron, vitamins, calcium, magnesium,  zinc and many other nutrients. It is believed to lower the risk of diabetes, cancer, heart disease and even help in weight loss.